Your Cosplay Host...

Sherlocked USA can announce that Abie Ekenezar will be heading up our Cosplay section in May. Abie is an actress, singer and Cosplayer from Seattle, WA.

She graduated in Computers Science at Montclair State University but that wasn’t enough so also decided to get a Minor in Musical Theatre because of her love for the arts.

She joined the US Navy in 2002, where she had a job in Aviation Electrician and then later went on to be an Intelligence Specialist. After her time in the military, she went to her first Convention in Seattle, WA because of her love of tabletop and video games, and fell in love with the costumes.

Since then, she’s done a multitude of Cosplays from Batwoman to Hawkeye and others which can be seen on her Cosplay/Acting Page Abie Ekenezar/Babs Cosplay and has also acted as a judge at numerous competitions.

We are very happy to welcome her to the Sherlocked team and look forward to hearing what she has in store for the event.

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