Event Opening Times:


Registration - 2pm

Convention - 5pm - 8pm

Party - 8pm till 2am


Convention - 9am - 6pm

Party - 8pm till 2am


Convention - 9am - 6pm

Party - 8pm till late

Which days will the guests be attending?

All our guests will be here for the duration of the event but please see the schedule for more information on what they will be taking part in

Can I come and go as I want?

On arrival you will exchange your e-ticket for an event 'tag' that will allow you access to the event throughout the weekend as applicable.

I have an issue, what do I do?

If it's something minor, the first thing to do is talk to a member of the crew on the day. They're pretty easy to spot and they'll do all they can to help. If they can't they'll escalate it. If your issue is before the event please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If it's something pretty serious then go to the organiser’s booth. One of the shows organisers is always on hand there to sort out any problems you may have be it a problem with a stall holder, a crew member or a lost bag.

If you do have an issue please talk to us at the event, because we can solve most problems if we know about it at the time. Issues that only come to our attention after the event are often much more difficult to resolve.


When will photo shoots go on sale?

Photo shoots are on sale now via our online shop. Please note that there is a limited number available due to time constraints so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Will the photo shoots be time specific, and if so when will they be told those days?

Yes there will be times scheduled into the time table for when you can get your photos. You will receive an email confirming which group you are in prior to the event. If for some reason you can’t make the time you are assigned we will do our best to accommodate changes of days at the show.

Can I upgrade my ticket/package?

Upgrades are possible - log into your Eventbrite account and follow the prompts.

I booked item(s) for someone else but they’re booked in my name, will this be an issue?

Due to tickets being non-transferable we will be asking for ID at the event when picking them up. If you have bought items for someone else and you will also be attending the event, this is fine, you will just pick up all of the items at once.

If you have bought items for someone else and you will not be attending the event, they will need to bring some form of valid (in date) ID of yours (a credit card etc).

Are there child tickets?

Yes there are specific child weekend tickets available in a limited number.

There are no child prices on offer for the main ticket types as they have the same value for children as they do for an adult.

Under 4's are free but will need to share a seat with a parent/guardian in talks.

This event is not recommended for the very young, due to the expected crowds and long day of programming, but they are more than welcome if the parents wish to bring them along.

All children under 12 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

What type of tickets will be used at SHERLOCKED USA?

This event will be using an E-Ticket system. You will not receive tickets in the post but will be required to bring along your E-Ticket for scanning at the show. For packages that include autographs and photos you will be given a tag to redeem them. For all other photo shoot purchases you will need to be able to show your e-ticket either in a printout or on a smart phone.

What is registration?

Simply bring your E-Ticket with you on arrival to be scanned, and then all the items you are entitled to as part of your package including a tag which will be your means of entry to all relevant areas of the event will be assigned to you. This can be done from 2pm on Friday 26th May in the Mariott LAX.

If I have a problem with my tickets, who do I contact?

We are working with Eventbrite as our exclusive ticketing partner for SHERLOCKED.

If you have any technical questions relating to tickets/packages purchased online, these queries should be directed to them, they are contactable by the following methods (both are manned 24/7)*

Contact Us Form: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/contact-us/

*It is not possible to purchase tickets through these methods. Purchases are exclusively online only.

Can I get a Refund?

Tickets are bought for the event NOT for the guests; if a guest cancels then the event will still go ahead - NO refunds can be offered.

Ticket refunds can only be offered in the event of the convention being cancelled.

All guests announced to be attending the event appear subject to work commitments - in the case of any guest cancelling a replacement guest will be attempted to be found if time allows.

Individually purchased photo shoots with a cancelled guest will be automatically refunded.


How many guests will there be?

There will be a minimum of 8 guests, with more possibly added if ticket sales go well.

Will there be more guests?

Guests may be announced right up until the event opens.

Why hasn’t my favourite guest been announced?

Every effort will be made to get the best guest line up - if a guest is not announced there can be various reasons for this, the main one being availability for that weekend.


Most guests will be offering autographs for an additional charge at the event, which will be open to all ticket types.

How will the autograph queue work?

Those with queuing priority in their packages will be called by ticket type and number, with all other attendees using the Virtual Queue system. See below for more details.

How much are the 8x10 pictures?

Licensed SHERLOCKED photos will be available to be purchased at the show for a small fee.

How many autographs can I get at once?

The max number of autographs is 5 per person when a virtual queue is in effect. Please remember all autograph prices are PER AUTOGRAPH, you get ONE autograph for the price shown.

If you want more than 5, then you can either go up when the queue is quiet and then the crew will normally allow you to have up to 7 or 8. Or simply queue multiple times and get up to 5 each time.

What ways can I pay for an autograph?

All monetary transactions will be done at the sales/registration desk where you will be given a ticket to exchange for an autograph with the guest. You can pay using cash or card method.

Are there any restrictions on what items can be signed?

It really depends on the guest. Basically if you THINK there is a CHANCE the guest will not sign your item. e.g. It's not official, it's a nude/semi-nude picture, then make sure you have a backup.

When will the guests be signing?

Normally the guests start at 9am and apart from breaks, talks or photo shoots they will be at their signing table.

What are Virtual Queues and Virtual Tickets and how do they work?

To help cut down the amount of time you have to spend standing in a queue we have introduced a virtual queuing system. Instead of everyone standing in an "real" queue you will be handed a ticket with a number on it (your Virtual Ticket). This number is your position in the "virtual" queue. Only around 30 people stand in the "real" queue. You can join this "real" queue once your position in the "virtual" queue is reached. Think of it like taking a number in a doctors waiting room. You will know your position is reached when your Virtual Ticket number is called.

Those with priority queue access in their package will not require a virtual ticket, you will be called in with priority based on your ticket type and number.

This system means once you have your VT for a guest you are free to wander around the event, join other queues and get other VTs.

Virtual Ticket numbers for guests will be announced (in batches of around 30) once the previous group of people in the "real" queue have their autographs.

Once your Virtual Ticket number is called you can then join the much smaller "real" queue. There will of course still be some queuing involved in the "real" queue!

The numbers shown are for any number UP TO that number. You can go up any time after your number is called. So if you have ticket number 100 and the board is showing 200, this is fine, you haven't missed your turn.

What time are Virtual Tickets given out?

Virtual Tickets start to be given out at the show’s opening time and not before.

How much are Virtual Tickets?

You do not pay for the Virtual Tickets they are free. You pay per autograph when you come back and join the "real" queue.

Can I get a Virtual Ticket for a friend?

No, Virtual Tickets are given out ONE PER PERSON, you will only be given one ticket.

Can I have a photo with a guest when I get an autograph and will the guests be personalising (adding a name or salutation) autographs if requested?

Over the desk photos will not be available at this event for most of the guests. Those guests who are not taking part in photo shoots may permit this but it is at the choice of the guest.

Personalisation will be on a guest by guest basis depending upon demand.

Can I join a friend (who’s getting an autograph) in the autograph queue if I’m not getting one?

The answer is yes. But please be aware that if it is not an open queue you WILL need your own Virtual Ticket. Without a Virtual Ticket you will not be allowed to join the queue with your friend/partner/child. They are free, so please make sure you take one when your friend/partner does. This does also apply to adults accompanying children.


Most guests will be offering photo shoots for an additional charge at the event, which will be open to all ticket types. Note that some of the production crew are only available through packages.

How they work:

1) Photo shoots will be called in by ticket type and number, starting with VIP, then Gold, then Silver and standard

2) Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer.

3) The shot will be taken in front of a backdrop and with lighting to ensure the best possible image.

4) You will be standing beside the guest, and not leaning over a table.

5) Your picture will be a 6” by 9” colour photo and should be ready for collection as you leave the photo shoot area.

6) All of this combined will provide you with something unique and special to remember the event by.

What if I have a clash?

If you have a clash with another photo shoot talk to crew at the photo shoot and they will do their best to get you through as quickly as possible so you can get to your other activity.

Always go to the photo shoot that starts first. If both start at the same time, go to the one that is shorter first.

Note that with such a full schedule it is not possible to do all of the activities and photo shoots cannot be rescheduled if you miss them.

What happens if it doesn't come out for some other reason?

You will go back in and have a retake. Speak to a crew member straight away with your concerns (retakes will only occur whilst the photo session is still active).

Can my friend and I both be in the same picture?

The simple answer is yes, but you will both have to have a ticket. It is one ticket per person. You can then pose together in two photos and one copy of each will be developed.

If you buy only one ticket you CAN NOT have two people in the one shot!

Note: No more than 3 people will be allowed in the shot.

Can my child be in the picture with me?

Under 4s can join you in the picture, those over this age will require their own ticket.

Note: Max 2 under 4s per paying adult.

Will I be able to purchase a digital copy of my photo shoot?

Yes. They will be available online after the show.


The main hall will feature the live talks and will be for all ticket holders as we now have the capacity to do so. Seats will be allocated based upon your ticket type.

When will the talks be?

Timetables/schedules for the event have been made available on the website but please make sure you have the most up to date version.

When should I get to the talks?

Try to arrive in good time to allow quick and simple loading of the halls for each talk - we recommend at least 10mins before the start time.

Can I take photos in the talks?

At the start of each talk flash photography will be permitted, but there will be a request for flash photography to end after a couple of minutes and this must be respected. After this time photography without flash is permitted during the talk.

What types of cameras are allowed in the talks?

All types of cameras are permitted but it is requested that any sounds that can be muted are muted, so as not to distract the guest or fellow attendees.

Can I video the talks?

Strictly no videoing of the talks is permitted. Crew will be monitoring the audience during the talks, and will be asking anyone to stop who is suspected to be videoing the talk. Any videos of talks that appear online after the event will be reported for violating copyright.


How do the meet and greets work?

Please visit http://www.sherlockedusa.com/activities/99-meet-greets for more information

What is the portrait completion?

The competition has now closed but you will be able to see the entries at the event. For more info click here http://www.sherlockedusa.com/activities/87-portrait-competition

What workshops are there and do I have to pre-register?

There are a range of workshops available on the schedule. These will have limited space to around 30 people and will be on a first come basis with the exception of the origami section which will be a drop in session.

Do I have to cosplay?

You don’t have to but the option is there if you would like to. If you do then why not take part in our masquerade competition or have a cosplay photo shoot with one of our professional photographers? If not then make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing as convention days are long.


When will the parties be?

Parties will be taking place on Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Night. For more info please visit http://www.sherlockedusa.com/activities/68-parties

What is an Ice Cream Social?

A friendly meet up with ice-cream whilst stocks last.

How will the Karaoke work?

This will be held on Friday night in the screening room. Entrants will be selected on a first come basis and will be one song each unless there is not much demand. You can enter individually or as a small group.

How do I enter The Great British Quiz?

The quiz will be on Saturday night in our Screening room and will be on a first come basis although there is room for a lot of teams in there.

Can I come to the Drinks Receptions?

These are ticketed events which have now sold out.

Is there a dress code for the evening activities?

We want everyone to feel comfortable at the event so we do not impose a dress code however dressing up to match the party themes does add to the atmosphere and fun.


What is a ribbon and do I need them to be part of the convention?

All the information on ribbon swapping can be found here http://sherlockedusa.com/activities/71-convention-ribbons

You don’t need to have them to be part of the event but they are a fun collector’s activity.


What souvenirs will be available?

There will be a range of Sherlocked event merchandise on sale but it will be limited to the event so please get it early to avoid disappointment. There will also be some vendors and artists selling items.

How can I pay?

You can pay cash or card for Sherlocked merchandise but other vendors may vary.

What will be in the auction?

There will be a range of screen used props and promotional material from Sherlocked events.

Where do I collect my pre-ordered t-shirts and Furlock?

There will be a dedicated desk at the event where you can bring your e-ticket for scanning.

How do I get my room exclusive gift?

Details on the collection of the room gifts will be revealed at the event.


Is the venue fully accessible?

The Mariott LAX is fully accessible. For full details and information on finding out more visit this link on the main hotel website.

What provisions are made for attendees that require extra help?

For our attendees that require extra help all efforts will be made to make the event as easy to access as possible, any issues will be quickly addressed, with the venue being fully compliant for disabled access.

Can I bring a carer?

Free carer access for one carer is available for each disabled attendee who has purchased a full price ticket. Please bring along some form of official documentation of your disability (DLA letter, blue parking badge, letter from your doctor etc) to the event. Your carer will be given access to all areas of the show that your ticket allows. This does not include added extras such as autographs and photo shoots.

How do I get more information?

Disabled visitors are asked to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the event so their needs can be best met by the crew on the day.