Meet & Greets

At Sherlocked USA we are offering you the opportunity to have intimate meet and greets with some of the guests.

Each meet and greet will be around 45 minutes long in which up to 15 attendees will be able to have a chat around a table with a guest to discuss Sherlock, their careers or even their favourite fruit if you so wish.

It will be a rare opportunity to have time with the guest in a relaxed setting with just a few other people to share them with. These meet and greets are often a much more informal and relaxed atmosphere than that of the main event with discussion usually being more ad hoc and personal. At the end of the session there will also be a managed opportunity to get an exclusive selfie with the guest in the room! As such we will not be putting tickets on sale for the meet and greets but will be running a silent auction in the run up to the scheduled times.

Each auction sheet will be located by the Sales Desk where you can place your bid (in whole US Dollar increments). As more and more people bid you can go and increase your offering if you need to. At the close of the silent auction we count back to the last 15 qualifying bids and the price that everyone pays is that 15th Number. We will close each one at an advertised time for you to check back, make your payment and get your ticket ready for the meet and greet. Minimum bid of $20

1.      Go to the Sales Desk and find the meet and greet sheets that you want to bid on. You can bid on multiple meet and greets.

2.      Write down your badge number and name, and then write down the highest amount you are prepared to bid for the opportunity.

3.      During the allocated time that the bid process is open, other attendees will do likewise, placing their own bid amounts, so keep checking the latest bids to ensure your bid is still relevant. If 15 or more people have bid more than you, then you will miss out. You can choose to increase your bid by submitting a new bid at any time.

4.      Once the auction has closed the paper with the bids on will be reviewed by us and the highest 15 bids will be worked out.

5.      Once the list is finalised, the 15th highest bid becomes the price ALL 15 successful bidders will pay for the opportunity.

For example

If the highest bid was $40, but the 15th highest is $25 then all 15 successful candidates will only have to pay $25, even if they pledged more.  The price will be determined by the amount of interest and the amounts those who land in the top 15 bids are prepared to pay, but it will always be the lowest placed bid in 15th that determines the final price, not necessarily what you bid if you are higher placed.

This means if you absolutely want to have the best chance to get into the meet and greet, then make sure you bid high to give yourself the best chance, and keep an eye on how the bidding is going whilst it is open.




Only bid what you are prepared, and can afford, to pay.  Once your bid is placed you are committed to paying the amount that, if you are successful, you will be asked to pay. You are not able to withdraw a bit once it is made.

15 people will experience the meet and greets that will be around 45minutes long, taking place in a small group in a location that will be announced once the payment has been made.  The advertised guest will be in attendance to meet with you for the duration of the meet and greet.  There will also be a managed opportunity to get an exclusive selfie with the guest in the room.

It is the attendees responsibility to check the results, and make payment asap if successful. Results will be revealed at the sales desk as soon as they have been determined. A rough time will be given for checking results.

Please be respectful of other attendees during the meet and greet, everyone has paid for the same opportunity so we respectfully ask that you allow others to speak once you have had your chance.

Sue Vertue and Steven & Louis Moffat will also be taking part in these meet and greets but these will be part of a raffle rather than being part of a silent auction. These Meets and Greets will be a free raffle that you have to register your interest in at the Sales desk to be in with a chance to win and take part.  You will need to write your name and badge number on the sign-up sheets. 15 people will be randomly selected from the list and the winners announced at the advertised time.

These meet and greets are not included in any ticket packages. VIP ticket holders will have their own exclusive meet and greet with some of the guests (who TBC) at a scheduled time. Please note that all meet and greets will be taking place at the same time as other activities so please bare this in when placing your bids.


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